Editorial Boards (1999-today): 16

  1. Committee for the Publication of the Sources for the History of Venice, Venezia – Permanent member (2000-today). Link to http://www.fontidivenezia.org/Comitato.html
  2. Fra’ Mauro World Map. – Member of the Scientific Committee of the Fra’ Mauro Project established by the National Library of Venice (2018-today).
  3. Journal of The Medieval Academy of America. – Book Reviewer (2018-today).
  4. Urban Design Magazine UDM. Link www.udmagazine.it – Member of the Scientific Committee (2017-today).
  5. Committee for the Publication of the ‘Corpus Membranarum Capuanarum’, Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Caserta, Italy) – Permanent member of the Honorary Scientific Committee (2017-today). Link http://www.edizioniesi.it/pubblicazioni/collane/storia_storiografia_203/corpus-membranarum-capuanarum.html
  6. Drawing/Disegno, series of monographs edited by Adriana Rossi for Libreria Universitaria Padova. ISSN 2611-4291. – Member of the Scientific Committee (2017-today).
  7. Taylor & Francis – Book’s Proposal Evaluator (2016-today).
  8. ADM Art Talks Series – Video series. Executive Producer with Michael J. K. Walsh (2015-today).
  9. Parrinello, S., and S.V. Macsimova. Contemporary Methods of Urban Environment Architectural Survey. Perm (Russia): Perm National Research Polytechnic University Press. ISBN 978-5-398-01524-9. – Member of the Scientific Committee.
  10. British Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (http://www.bjis-online.org) – Member of the Scientific Committee (2014-today). Link to http://road.issn.org/issn/2056-5402-british-journal-of-interdisciplinary-studies-#.VzwcyZN95E4
  11. SCIRES-IT – SCIentific RESearch and Information Technology [Journal] – Member of the editorial team of the journal (2014-today). Link to http://caspur-ciberpublishing.it/index.php/scires-it
  12. Mediterranean Research Institute for Palaeography, Bibliology and History of Texts (Arethas Institute), Athens – Member of the Scientific Committee (2003-today).
  13. Mediterranean Diaries – Series co-directed with L. Tomassini (2006-today).
  14. Waves of history – Series co-directed with A. Carile (2011-today).
  15. «Quaderni di scienza della conservazione» (DISMEC Università di Bologna – Centro di Studio sulle Cause di Deperimento e sui Metodi di Conservazione delle Opere d’Arte CNR Roma), Ravenna-Forlì – Scientific Board Member (2001-2004).
  16. «Bizantinistica. Rivista di Studi Bizantini e Slavi», serie seconda, Università di Bologna e Fondazione CISAM, Ravenna-Spoleto (I, 1999-X, 2008). – Member of the Scientific Committee (1999-2009).